My Minimal Wardrobe / Closet Tour

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My Minimal Wardrobe/Closet Tour

Hello, I'll share with you today my minimal wardrobe and closet as well as some tips for you to keep your closet minimal.

You can read below or you can also watch a video where I share about my wardrobe/closet in detail:



Introducing My Minimal Closet

The first thing I want to mention is that I don’t have any drawers in my room. I only use the hanging rack that’s built into the closet. I use some boxes for storing small things - I’ll go over this in detail soon.

My minimal closet tour - thirsty for art.jpg

So when you go into my closet, you’ll see that on the floor is my collection of art supplies. Above is everything clothes.

I have most of my clothes hung up. I don't have a lot of clothes anyway so this works. 

Overall, you’ll notice that I have a color palette or tone that I like. These are mostly non stimulating, natural, and calm colors like beige, brown, and green. Some might say my clothes are “boring” or “bland.” But I like it this way.

I downsized my wardrobe dramatically 5-6 years ago from reading Marie Kondo's book - The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. This was the start of my decluttering and minimalism journey.

Now, minimalism is a big part of my life - not just with clothes but with my whole lifestyle.

It wasn't like I had tons and tons of clothes before, but I did like to shop often and have a lot of clothes in the past that i wouldn't wear.

And I used to be very interested certain styles in fashion so I used to switch styles quite often but now as a minimalist, i wear all my clothes. I love and use all of them.

Also, it took so much time to choose clothes in the past, but after practicing minimalism, it takes less than 1 minute to choose the clothes. No thinking involved. 

My minimal closet tour - neutral toned clothes.jpg

On the lower shelf of my closet I have things that I don't hang - I use two storage baskets for long underwear and camisoles. The other one has all my socks. 

Next to baskets are some storage boxes. I have this summer straw hat which I put outside because I use it so often whenever I go outside. It's my fave. 

In one of the baskets are all my intimates and underwear. I love my hemp underwear from Sweetskin (Etsy shop). I have their bras too.

I also have pantyliners (from Etsy too), and some accessories like sunglasses, and watches which are kept inside a case. I also keep these hairpins in the storage box, which I used to use when my hair was longer.

And then I have some lip products I sometimes use. I actually may get rid of them soon since I'm not using them often.

Next to that is another box with some other wearable things - I have 2 hairbands, 1 workout cap, a bucket hat, a chunky beanie I crocheted myself, a warm pair of gloves from a store called Muji, a warm headband for outdoor purposes, and 1 scarf.

That’s all my winter wear stuff. Since I’m in Austin, TX I’m glad I don’t have to have a lot of winter gear.

Introducing My Clothes

So now I'll introduce my clothes, starting from the bottoms. 

I have:

For tops, I have:

Most of my linen clothes are from Linenfox (Etsy shop) - they're amazing because they're handmade and they use certified OEKO-TEKS fabric, which means the fabric is not treated with harmful chemicals. They are safe for human use.

For me, fabric is important. I try to be mindful of what kind of fabric I put on my skin. My favorite ones are linen, hemp, and organic cotton.

For dresses, I have:

For outerwear, I have:

  • 1 wrap style linen outer (from Linenfox)

  • 1 vest

  • 1 windbreaker

  • 1 outdoor jacket

  • 1 fleece workout jacket

  • 2 cardigans (1 for lounge wear, 1 for outside)

  • 2 cold weather jackets

As you can tell, I’m a big fan of layering and outerwear. I easily feel cold, so I love having some options for outerwear. However, I'm so glad I don't need big heavy jackets here in Texas.

All of my outerwear were thrifted or bought second hand from an app called Poshmark.  If you haven’t checked their app out, make sure you do. It’s great when you’re decluttering and downsizing your closet. You can sell and buy second hand clothes for reasonable prices.

My wardrobe is very intentional - each piece has multiple purposes and the colors are chosen so that they can go with any other clothes I have. 

My minimal wardrobe - patns.jpg

Onto the accessories

Now I'll introduce my bags. I have:

  • 1 hiking backpack

  • 1 mini bag for carrying mostly bento boxes (great for picnic)

  • 1 cross-body bag

  • 1 mini hiking backpack

  • My favorite cotton tote for everyday use. 

Outside of my closet, I have my shoes near my main entrance. I have 4 shoes in total.

The one I wear most often is this pair of barefoot style shoes by the brand Xero shoes. The shoes are zero drop, meaning it's flat and has no padding, and it's also vegan (yay!).

Then I have 1 outdoor watershoes, a pair of Huaraches sandals I made myself with the kit I got from Xero shoes (it's super lightweight, flexible, and close to earth), and my (dirty) rainboots.  

Oh, and one last thing in my clothes category is 1 black swimming suit.

And that is all I have in my wardrobe/closet.

my minimal wardrobe - cotton bag.jpg

My tips for keeping it all minimal

  1. Have multi-purpose items - I like to use one item for many different purposes and this helps me keep the amount of things to a minimum. What I mean by this is, using the same top and bottom for work, but also for going out, or for going to friend’s wedding, or for casual day meeting friends. You don’t necessarily need to buy clothes just for one occasion. Find ways to double up on the purpose of each item in your closet.

  2. Have neutral colors - All my tops go well with almost all of my bottoms because the colors don’t clash. They blend together so easily. That’s why I don’t have to go out and buy more clothes because I can’t find anything that goes with certain items in my closet.

  3. No shopping - I know this is like “duh” but I want to reiterate how important this is. If you are wanting to buy more clothes, just take a moment and find out the real reason you are wanting to buy. Is it because you want to feel more fashionable? stylish? Or need more “work clothes” or some special wear? Just notice this and hold off on buying them - see if you can live without it for a a day, a few days, a week, or even a month. Then check back in with yourself to see if you still need that item. We often shop because of impulsive desires, so practicing mindfulness can be very helpful in reducing our shopping habits.

  4. Wear the same clothes more often (don’t be afraid to) - There is an unspoken expectation among us in our culture that we have to wear different or new clothes every single day. But we rarely think about this in an intentional way - why do we need to wear something different 365 days a year? Why can’t we wear the same thing one more time during the week?

    If you dig deeper into this fear, there is always some discomfort with “what if I’m seen with the same clothes?” idea. What if I’m seen as “dirty,” “careless,” or “unfashionable.” We put a lot of emphasis on how we are perceived.

    When I implemented minimalism in my life, I let go of what other people might think of me if I wore the same thing again in a short period of time. In actuality, people don’t give us that much notice anyway. Not once in my years as a minimalist someone mention “why do you wear the same clothes often?” (I’ll be happy to answer that question..though :))

    It comes down to this: just because we wear the same thing again, this doesn’t reflect who we are truly. Think about this. Really, our clothes can’t fully reflect who we are as beautiful, unique human beings.

    With minimalism, we can let go of our worries about how we might appear on the “surface” and help us to focus more on our inner self. What gives us true joy? Traveling to new countries or thinking about what others think about us?

That’s all for my tips to keep your closet/wardrobe minimal.

Thank you for reading. Let me know whether you practice minimalism and where you are on your minimalism or decluttering journey.


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