Thirsty For Art

 What if I Suck at Art?

Do you have an inner critic that constantly judges you or stops you from making art?


  • thought, “I’m not good enough” to be doing art

  • felt frustrated to have an idea in your head but not able to put it on paper as you envisioned it?

  • compared yourself to other people’s art

  • said mean things to your artwork

  • thought, “I never got an A in art class, how can I make art?”

  • said, “I’m not creative enough”

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 Maybe you had this judgmental voice since elementary school when your art teacher criticized your artwork. Or since that one time you tried to draw a human figure and it didn’t look ‘right.’ This all your inner critic talking, because you CAN make art. You ARE creative. You were meant to create. Express. Release. You were meant to find yourself.


It’s time to stop this judgmental voice taking over your life and making you live small. You are more than that.


Whenever I worked with people in art therapy, I saw people change and something sparked within them. It was almost like they were meant to create, and they’ve been holding back for years; there was no stopping them now. They could say things in images that they couldn’t with words. I knew from these experiences that art changes people’s lives.

From years of working with kids to adults, I found a way to help folks overcome their inner critics and create art that they would never have imagined – art that surprised them, that released them from the burden of perfectionism and gave freedom, that gave their life meaning. I want that for you too.

If you are dealing with this inner critic that’s trapping you in a cycle of fear, anxiety, and defeatism, there is a way to overcome it. I am here to help.

That’s why I created “Creative Confidence.”

I designed this to help you go from stuck with the white canvas to eager to create. From feeling constantly bad about your art to feeling curious and playful with your work. From throwing your work in the trash to framing it and hanging it on the wall.

I don’t want your inner creative being to be shut down and not have a voice. To be suppressed and having no way out. And until we take a step forward and decide this is the time to release this inner critic, our creative self will be locked away.

When you decide that the inner critic should not take the driving seat, that is when you finally start to gain back control not only in our creative practice, but in life as well.

When you overcome the inner critic in your art-making practice, you can finally do the things that you dared not to do – create whatever you want to, whenever you want to and live the life you want. You can be the person who gives it all in their artwork, who feels gratified and fulfilled with their art, knowing that they did not waste time.

Let’s remove our inner critic’s voice once and for all, and start having the freedom to create what you want.


 The full program takes you through:

Steps to the program.png

The one time session gives you:

  • Introduction to art as therapy

  • Warm up to release judgments and rules, while creating a process-focused art

  • Main exercise to explore the creative block, express our feelings and thoughts, & receive 1-on-1 support

  • Take away homework / art therapy activity you can do on your own

  • Email support post-session


Features Overview


One Session

50 minute therapeutic art-making experience

  • $150/session

  • Individual attention & support

  • Receive an art therapy exercise/idea to try at home

  • Access to e-mail support post-session

The Package (4 week program)

4 sessions, each 50 minutes long, designed to take you from blocked to feeling confident in your art-making practice

  • $600/package

  • Therapeutic art-making experience each week

  • Individual attention & support

  • Receive a custom art therapy method/exercise for you to make art on your own (fit to your needs)

  • Access to e-mail support post-session

What you will get out of the program:

  • How to create art without the need to make it “pretty” or “nice”

  • How to appreciate and understand your artwork more

  • A specific method/art therapy exercise you can use to create art on your own without the fear of perfectionism


The enrollment process:

  1. Schedule & pay

  2. Receive email & fill out introductory forms

  3. Prepare materials (info is emailed)

  4. Meet online & have a magical session (zoom link provided)

  5. Email support & follow-up

 Ready to Get Started?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

Creative Confidence is for adults who want to make art, but struggle with it because of self judgment, perfectionism, or inner critic. This helps them find confidence in making art and explore expressive/therapeutic art-making. No skills or previous experience in art is needed.

Do I need any art skills or background?

Nope! All levels are wecome.

What if I can’t afford this?

This is an investment and is a special and unique program where you would be able to break the cycle of perfectionism or creative block through therapeutic and expressive art-making. You will also receive a custom method you can use on your own to make art whenever you want to. It does require your committment, physically and mentally, and thus is priced accordingly. If you want to get help but invest less, I have free podcast episodes, videos, and blog posts to help you bust through your inner critic and guide you in your art-making journey.

What materials do I need?

Depending on whether you sign up for the individual session or the package, the materials can differ. However, you won’t need anything beyond paper, colored pencils, oil pastels, watercolor paint, glue, or tissue paper.  You will get an email once you sign up with details on the material. If you don’t have a specific material, you can always substitute!

Is this art therapy (art psychotherapy?)

This is not a mental health treatment because it does include diagnosis and psychotherapy. If you are needing treatment for any mental disorder, please find a qualified therapist or physician in your local area. Nonetheless, this IS an offering that infuses art therapy, mentoring, and life coaching approaches, and designed based on my personal experience in inner work/mindset work and professional experience working in the art therapy field.

What if I’m interested in being an art therapist and want to get help from you?

That’s awesome! You can try out the “Creative Confidence” session or package and taste what therapeutic art-making feels like. If not, you can email me requesting a consultation and we can do a call to talk about any information, knowledge, and know-how regarding the art therapist career path. Calls are usually 30 min or 50 min and priced $50/30 min.


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