Art Therapy for Anxiety

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Art Therapy for Anxiety

Hi! I have created an easy self art therapy activity video for anxiety relief that will help you release some stress or tension, and feel renewed and refreshed at the end. Watch how to do this creative self care exercise here.


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To make ourselves most comfortable and cozy, we can light a candle and brew hot tea. Now, let’s gather the materials.

Art Materials

The materials you need for this are:


Oil pastels

Colored pencils


Before the art, let's invite mindfulness and become aware of our physical body/self.

Gently place your attention on your breathing, in and out. In the next out breath, breathe out more air. Then naturally, your in-breath becomes deeper.

Noticing the breath coming in and filling your lungs, and then leaving out. As you breathe out, we can also relax more by releasing tension, especially in the shoulders, the back, and then your jaw.

With your eyes closed or gently opened, let's set an intention for this creative, expressive time - what do we hope to experience?

One thing we can remind ourselves is that there is no right or wrong in this art-making, and we can simply focus on allowing ourselves to express what we feel.

Art Therapy Activity for Anxiety Prompt

When we're ready, draw a circle on your page. It doesn't have to be perfect.

  1. imagine that this anxiety we feel is visible. Imagine it has shapes, lines, and colors. Perhaps it is big or small, or heavy or light.

  2. Simply allow the image to come to you. Begin putting that image onto the page with your pencils/pastels when you’re ready.

After you have finished making the art, take some time to reflect on what you created. I like to do this by writing down my thoughts. You can also do this by getting a journal and a pen, and writing down the answers for the questions below.

Reflective Writing

  • What do you see in the image? Write in an objective way, simply describing how the image looks

  • What is it telling you?

  • What would make it feel a little bit better?

That’s it for the art therapy activity to relieve anxiety! Hope you enjoyed it.

If you watched this video and tried the art therapy exercise, please let me know how it was for you!

If you want an eBook full of similar art therapy exercises and prompts, you can download my Creative Art Retreat for Self Care PDF.  ↓

Thanks for reading and watching! :)