Art Therapist Art Supplies and Art Desk

Hello friends, today I'll share with my personal art supply collection and my desk where I make art and do my self art therapy exercises. I also practice minimalism so I share how I keep the amount of art supplies to a minimum and what I do with my artworks.

I also have a video tour of my supplies and desk space, so feel free to go here to watch it. 

List of my Art Supplies

I work as an art therapist and have a bag separate to all my personal art supplies. Today, I'll share my personal supplies that I keep to make art on my own for my well being and self-care.

So I put almost all of my supplies on a cart. And it is tucked away in my closet usually to have more space in my bedroom.  I like to put things in reusable or recycled containers.

I put drawing and painting materials on the top and middle shelf so they are easy to reach. I use them pretty often.

My favorite go-to materials are: oil pastels, liquid watercolor, and watercolor set (which I squeezed into a palette).

What is your favorite material? Let me know in the comments below.

My paint supplies include alcohol inks, a little bit of acrylic paint (which I don’t like to use much), gouache, watercolor, and natural pigments.

I keep natural paint pigments to make homemade gouache & watercolor paint. I love these because I don’t have to have chemicals in my paint, they have beautiful colors, & I enjoy the process of making paint from scratch.

On the bottom shelf, I have:

  • different glues (mod podge, glue gun, elmer's, etc)

  • knickknacks for collage

  • needlework supplies

  • a collection of shells

  • supplies for candle-making, which I am excited to start.

So there is this little pouch I hang on the side of my card and  here I put everything that is fiber art related - I have needles, threads for embroidery, and crochet hooks. I keep the collect of hooks in a pouch I crocheted.

Outside of my art cart, I also have some clay to do ceramics, and a collection of yarn for crocheting and weaving.

Another art medium I like is photography. I have a vintage Twin Lens Reflex camera from Yashica that takes medium format film. I like to take this when I’m traveling and it takes gorgeous photos!

Now, on to my sketchbook/journals! I have 3 sketcbooks and one is for writing or doodling. I have another one for watercolor or gouache painting. And one is my go-to, favorite sketchbook, which is for multimedia purposes. I like to draw, paint, and do collage in this.

And lastly, I have one additional journal and it is a mini book I made a while ago. I just started to add some mandala drawings to it.

I have one place where I keep most of my papers, scraps, images, and magazines for collage-making. So basically all the 2-d collage materials are here.

My Art Desk

Art Therapist Art Desk

If you are curious about the desk and space I make art, definitely watch the video. So I don't have a separate art studio and currently I just use a small corner in my room to make art.

The desk I use is an altar, an art desk, and a book shelf as well. I love this because it is all in one for me, it keeps my furniture to a minimum, and I like to sit on the floor.

What I do with Supplies & Artworks

Because I'm a minimalist, I keep the art supplies to an amount that makes me the most happy and at peace. I used to have a lot more things, but I let go a lot of them (especially yarn).

It was difficult to downsize my collection but, looking back, I realized that I didn't use most of the materials I had anyway. And now, I only have what I use often, in small quantities (only buying 1 or 2) and buy only when I use it up & run out.

What helps me keep this a happy amount of things is only buying when I use up something. This means not having multiples of the same sketchbooks, multiples of pastels, or yarn.

You might ask, what do I do with the artwork that I make?

When I make art, I usually recycle or throw away afterwards. For drawing and painting especially, I try to fill up by whole sketchbook or journal and then recycle them.

I also sometimes reuse artworks, like cut them up or use them as part of a collage in a new work.

To me, the process & experience of making art is important and art is a way of developing myself or gaining insight from it, so I don’t focus much on keeping an artwork to look at it or hang it unless it was made for that purpose. I like to disassemble, recycle, reuse, or simply let go of them. If I really wanted to keep, I take a photo.

If you want a tour of my whole room and how I intentionally designed it, let me know in the comments and I can make a video/blog on it in the future.

If you are curious about the exact supplies I use, here is a list of the items and where to get them:

Paint pigments by Earth Pigments

Oil pastels by Loew-Cornell (60 pack)

Gouache paint by Reeves (12 set)

Watercolor paint (tube) by ShinHan (24 set)

Liquid watercolor by Royal Talens Ecoline

Multimedia sketchbook  by Bee Paper Company

Watercolor journal by Strathmore (400 series)

This is also a desk that was in my room (seen in video):

Two-tiered computer desk by Songmics

Thank you for reading & talk to you next time!

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