Self Love Art Therapy Exercise


One of the most elusive things I think is self-love. What is it exactly? And how do we have have more self-love?

If you are struggling with practicing self-love, join me in this step by step art therapy activity to find self love and self acceptance. This therapeutic and expressive painting exercise will help you have insight on your relationship with yourself and learn how to love yourself unconditionally on an emotional and spiritual level through art making.

The supplies you need are: Watercolor or gouache paint, brushes, cup with water, and watercolor paper.

When you're ready, watch the video here to follow along the step by step exercise:



And remember, there is no right or wrong way to do this! Practice gentle compassion as you approach this therapeutic art exercise. ♥︎

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What is your self-love practice? Where do you struggle in your self-love practice?

Thanks for reading/watching. I'll see you next time :)